how to solve freepbx upgrade failed: Class ‘Whoops\Util\TemplateHelper’ not found

Although freepbx upgade processes are typically well designed and tested, there might be specific configurations in some installations that could lead into failures. One of these failures occured into one of our freepbx 12 installations while we were upgrading it into version 13 of freepbx. We’ve initiated the upgrade process from the freepbx web gui and clicked-skipped the typical upgrade steps where step 3 reported the fatal error:

Submitting data to servers...Done
Running checks...Passed
<strong>Stage 1</strong>
Bumping FreePBX to version 13...Done
Checking online servers...Done
Downloading 13 Framework......Done
Installing 13 Framework...ERROR: Try running this manually on the CLI to finish: 'amportal &amp;&amp; fwconsole ma upgradeall'

We note that before-installation-checks haven’t reported any warnings.

We’ve directly logged in via ssh and ran the suggested:

amportal && fwconsole ma upgradeall

which also failed.

Thanks to Class ‘Whoops\Util\TemplateHelper’ not found – General Help – FreePBX Community Forums we’ve followed the spartan suggestion of tm1000 Andrew Nagy to run

fwconsole --fix_zend

And it worked!

The explanation was that there was an old zend module breaking the upgrade process and –fix_zend solved the problem.

Hope this works for you too.


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