how to install carbonio / the alternative to zimbra

  1. Find a server in hetzner or another vps provider and rent a vps with the min requirements (16gb, 8vcpu should be fine for a single server installation) / Requirements — Zextras Carbonio CE Documentation
  2. Enable backups to make sure your restore in case something fails
  3. You must own a domain. Login to your DNS provider and configure records, add 2 A records and 1 MX record
    • A record pointing to server IP
    • A record pointing to server IP
    • MX (@) with content with priority 1
  4. hostnamectl set-hostname
  5. nano /etc/hosts and add IPADRESS HOSTNAME
  6. apt install postgresql-12
  7. Documentation says to edit /etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf but in ununtu 20 that was already fixed.
  8. apt update && apt upgrade
  9. Download script from carbonio site / wget
  10. chmod +x
  11. ./
  12. sudo apt update
  13. sudo apt upgrade
  14. Install carbonio
    apt install service-discover-server carbonio-directory-server carbonio-proxy carbonio-webui carbonio-files-ui carbonio-mta carbonio-mailbox-db carbonio-appserver carbonio-user-management carbonio-files-ce carbonio-files-public-folder-ui carbonio-files-db carbonio-tasks-ce carbonio-tasks-db carbonio-tasks-ui carbonio-storages-ce carbonio-preview-ce carbonio-docs-connector-ce carbonio-docs-connector-db carbonio-docs-editor carbonio-prometheus carbonio-message-broker carbonio-message-dispatcher carbonio-message-dispatcher-db carbonio-ws-collaboration-ce carbonio-ws-collaboration-db carbonio-ws-collaboration-ui carbonio-videoserver-ce
  15. Make sure all carbonio services are running
    systemctl status carbonio-*
  16. type
    and press Y
    This is gonna take some time / 5-10 minutes so better grab a coffee.
  17. su – zextras -c “carbonio prov setpassword [email protected] SuperStronPassword”
  18. Open browser and point to https://IPADDRESS:6071/static/login/
  19. service-discover setup-wizard
    Complete IP/MASK and type a password
  20. pending-setups -a and type the password of previous step.
  21. Setup database
    • read -s -p “Insert Password:” DB_ADM_PWD
    • su – postgres -c “psql –command=\”CREATE ROLE carbonio_adm WITH LOGIN SUPERUSER encrypted password ‘$DB_ADM_PWD’;\””
    • su – postgres -c “psql –command=\”CREATE DATABASE carbonio_adm owner carbonio_adm;\””
    • Do not unset DB_ADM_PWD / you still need it later
    • PGPASSWORD=$DB_ADM_PWD carbonio-files-db-bootstrap carbonio_adm
    • PGPASSWORD=$DB_ADM_PWD carbonio-tasks-db-bootstrap carbonio_adm
    • PGPASSWORD=$DB_ADM_PWD carbonio-ws-collaboration-db-bootstrap carbonio_adm
  22. Restart carbonio
    • su zextras
    • zmcontrol stop
    • zmcontrol start
    • exit
  23. Configure Let’s Encrypt Certificate Using Carbonio Admin UI (
    • su – zextras -c “carbonio prov gs | grep -i zimbraReverseProxyMailMode”
      (to check current status)
    • su – zextras -c “carbonio prov ms zimbraReverseProxyMailMode redirect”
      (to change to redirect mode)

This could be helpful: Unable to send mail after fresh install – Carbonio General – Zextras Forum


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