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  • laravel 5.1: add column to table

    php artisan migratemake add_mycolumn_to_mytable A new migration file will be created. Add the code that updates the schema ( Schema::table(‘mytable’, function($table) { $table->integer(‘mycolumn’); } The following command will update db schema. php artisan migrate

  • webmin on debian

    webmin on debian nano /etc/apt/sources.list add the following: deb sarge contrib deb sarge contrib save-exit Fetch and install webmin GPG key with which the repository is signed, with the commands : cd /root wget apt-key add jcameron-key.asc install webmin apt-get update apt-get install webmin Wait for webmin to install – depending on your hardware, […]

  • linux: find all files of a particular size

    Copied from: The Unix find command is a very powerful tool, and this short post is intended to show how easy you can achieve something that might look complicate: to find all the files of a particular size. Let’s assume you are searching for all the files of exactly 6579 bytes size inside the home […]

  • install iwatch on debian

    install iwatch on debian iWatch is a realtime filesystem monitoring program. Its purpose is to monitor any changes in a specific directory or file and send email notification immediately after the change. This can be very useful to watch a sensible file or directory against any changes, like files /etc/passwd,/etc/shadow or directory /bin or to monitor the root […]

  • wget without checking certificate

    –no-check-certificate Don’t check the server certificate against the available certificate authorities. Also don’t require the URL host name to match the common name presented by the certificate. As of Wget 1.10, the default is to verify the server’s certificate against the recognized certificate authorities, breaking the SSL handshake and aborting the download if the verification […]

  • ispconfig 3, debian, php.ini upload_max_filesize=20M

    creating a file .user.ini in the web/ folder (should be found automatically) which contains upload_max_filesize=20M service apache2 restart

  • move one directory up

    cp -rf . .. rm -rf *

  • sql server, find foreign keys associated with given primary key

    sql server, find foreign keys associated with given primary key

    If you work with an unknown schema and try to investigate the relationships between primary and foreign keys, there is a great answer on stackoverflow originally posted by db2. SELECT AS FK_table, AS FK_column, AS FK_name, AS PK_table, AS PK_column, AS PK_name, fk.delete_referential_action_desc AS Delete_Action, fk.update_referential_action_desc AS Update_Action FROM […]

  • embedding ftp client in your android app

    embedding ftp client in your android app

    Open your favorite IDE for android development and create a new project. Unless you choose to implement RFC 959 on your own, include a good ftp client library like this one If you already know how to include a jar in your android project, skip the following bullets. For android studio fans: copy-paste jar to libs folder of your project, […]