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  • adding exceptions to iwatch

    adding exceptions to iwatch

    In a previous article, we’ve seen how to install iwatch (http://blog.grs.gr/?p=455&lang=en). If you watch a directory with continuous changes, you may find useful to exclude specific types of files and/or directories. Let’s say that you want to monitor a web server that hosts example.com, site’s file structure at /var/www/example.com and media files mostly at /var/www/example.com/uploads.…

  • install iwatch on debian

    install iwatch on debian

    http://iwatch.sourceforge.net/documentation.html iWatch is a realtime filesystem monitoring program. Its purpose is to monitor any changes in a specific directory or file and send email notification immediately after the change. This can be very useful to watch a sensible file or directory against any changes, like files /etc/passwd,/etc/shadow or directory /bin or to monitor the root…